Roush, or how to appreciate the performance

Nobody better than a race driver find ways to improve a vehicle's performance without losing personality. That's exactly the philosophy that drove Jack Roush, a former Ford driver and engineer, to develop parts and vehicles that exceed all their owners' expectations. Roush parts, installed on a Ford sports car or truck, will help give your ride a new dimension.

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Roush parts and accessories

Designed and assembled with precision in a state-of-the-art factory, Roush parts are designed to improve the performance of the vehicles on which they are mounted. From suspensions to parts as precise as performance filters, the Roush components will give life to portions of vehicles that you did not even suspect!

Supercharger Performance Pack

Ordered from us, Roush parts will be available immediately at the counter, or in a few days on special order that you can assemble yourself. However, we suggest that you call on our specialized technicians who are familiar with the reality of Ford vehicles and performance parts.

Roush vehicles

Are you looking for an extraordinary vehicle that can give you the thrill? The range of Roush vehicles, including Ford F-150s and Ford Mustangs, are available to order. They are assembled according to the most demanding specifications, and allow to take full advantage of the improvements made by the specialized firm. Better yet, these Roush vehicles benefit from the Ford warranty but are also covered by the Roush warranty, if any.

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Roush vehicles are unique and spectacular. Why not consult the Terrebonne Ford specialists to transform your car into something so unique, which will provide you with an unforgettable driving experience.

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